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Run for Your Sanity 5K 2019 Update

$2705 raised 129 participants 1 common vision

Thank you to everyone for coming out to support the Run for your Sanity 5K benefitting The Phillip H. Wang Memorial Foundation!

This foundation was started as a way to remember Phil and to redirect grief into positivity and productivity. As we've had more time to process the situation, we began to recognize the number of people and amount of resources that have helped Phil to his sobriety, and how we can further develop those resources to help others in similar situations. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who attended as personal support to Phil, but I also want to remind us all that this foundation is about more than Phil. There are so many people out there battling the same battle he did. I hope that this foundation can spark conversations about mental health and substance use over dinner, at the workplace, in classrooms, and with strangers and loved ones alike. I know that one of Phil's hardest barriers to recovery was the associated stigma, so I hope that by having these tough conversations we can reduce the stigma and ditch the stereotypes. Let's think about how we as a community can change things. We can educate ourselves. We can reflect on our own attitudes and actions. We can make a change in so many people's lives with kindness and understanding!

Congratulations to our LYM raffle winners:

1. Kennah Konrad

2. Jessica Steinmetz

Thank you again to Love Your Melon (and Mackenzie Rabas) for sponsoring this event and providing the raffle prizes!

Congratulations to our two KIND bar raffle winners:

1. Ariana King

2. Ryan Aturaliya

Thanks again to KIND Bars (and Maddy Eppli) for generously sponsoring our event and providing the raffle prizes! 

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